Chinthaka Jayaweera – Head of Group Internal Audit at Maersk

‘Anand’s experience and knowledge have served our internal audit agenda very well! Anand helped us to define new agile and forward-looking approaches for our internal audit function–from strategic to tactical. He also helped us to define and articulate the function’s direction, strengths, goals, and leverage points. Anand’s input and expertise has provided us with an opportunity to align our internal audit strategy with the overall strategic initiatives of the Group and as a result position the department as a ‘strategic risk advisor’ to senior management and the Board. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to help you with taking your governance, risk and control activities to the next level.’

Oswald Bailey – Regional Compliance Manager (Africa and Australia/New Zealand) at Oxford University Press

‘I have known Anand for a number of years and have worked closely with him on numerous governance, risk and compliance assignments. I have always found Anand to be engaged with these disciplines and assignments with a genuine sense of passion and set determination. He has profound knowledge and invaluable experience in these disciplines and is exceptional in the manner which he calls on and makes it counts when needed. He does this in a way which is not prescriptive (whether to organisational management or Board), but rather by way of a consultative and demonstrative approach. He is exceptionally focused and goal driven in his determination to deliver meaningful and practical results. I have relied on Anand’s advice over time in this capacity, advice that I have found to be poignantly measured and definitively tailored. I would highly recommend him.’

Daria Krivonos – Senior Consultant and Futurist at Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

‘I have enjoyed working with Anand over a number of years, particularly due to his forthcoming, optimistic and upright nature. He is a candid team player who communicates opinions in a positive and solution-oriented manner.  Anand is a visionary expert in the world of risk, control and in development of governance structures. In his approach, he keeps in mind the underlying business context, which is integral to establishing the right risk culture, control framework and sustainable governance models. Through his efforts, some of the thought leaders in this space, in the company where we worked together, were able to share their opinions, experiences and best practices for the improvement of the overall governance, risk, and compliance oversight for the organisation. The  forum he established served as a platform and provided stimulus for a good discussion to revisit and restructure the assurance and oversight lines of defense across the organisation.’

Sze Chien Lim – Head of Internal Audit (Asia Pacific) at Maersk

‘Anand was pivotal in our internal audit function transformation journey. Many of the key initiatives from re-designing of our audit methodology, setting up the framework for executing our forward looking risk-based audits to enhancing communication to our key stakeholders were the brainchild of Anand. This has resulted in the successful delivery of high impact, value adding audits to our key stakeholders.’

Michael Bjorn Andersen – Founder at Andersen Excellence

“I worked together with Anand for several years on improvement-related projects and have always enjoyed Anand’s combination of professionalism, ambition, pleasant personality and eagerness to improve the organization that he was a part of. Anand has worked at a senior level in a global and competitive industry for an extensive period of time and has exceptional insight into the broad range of challenges that leaders face, as well as the causes and means of resolving them. Anand has moreover driven a transformation of his own area utilizing LEAN Six Sigma principles to further develop the value proposition of his team, always focusing on meeting or exceeding stakeholder expectations.”